Needle's Touche

Needle's Touche

To say the Least

Is the Bard’s Eye View
Of Reality
Touche the Most
Is Song of Soul O Man
The Limning of the Rainbow
Through the Prism of the Soul
The Esemplastic Gift
Of One To Know

Be not forsakin’ 
The Cite of your Ayes
For sake o’ Satin’
The sight of your I’s
The Enemy is the Yen o Me
The Eye pull of my Eye

Than be doubty o the Day
Be ye Doughty o The Dei
Live for the Free Sons
Of Eternity
Than Die for the frissons
Of the Term of Ye

Yes! Faith is Free for All
Yet, Faith is Not a free-for-all
Order of Ardor is Its Creed
To Quest On than to Question
The Mystery

Nay the broken lines of the dark prints
But yea the Clue of the Light Page
Will see ye True the Pass Age
To the Fathom o the Path Home
To the King

At times my words might seem
Somewhat disjointed
Yet In time they Sum Up 
To leave one not disappointed

 ~shapesphere...aka..Thomas More Buckland ...  The Sage Word Slinger