1. A Curious View for A Curious Few

To The Awakening

"Theo Way Kenning"

Understanding, God’s Way

A Curious View for A Curious Few

If I had to express with One Word
The purpose of Creation
The meaning of Life
The Glory of God
I would say
Your Name
Words of wisdom are so few
Words of many oft are loft in lieu
To Say the Least Touché the Most
One Word is True
Eureka! Eucharist!
I have Found! Thanksgiving!
God is dancing in His heart
That you have Found
To Dig the Word
To Get and Beget Gifts of Illumination
Step Beyond
The bounds of Man into the rein of God
Inklings of the Mustered Cede for the so inclined
Stepping stones on the path of your kenning
That you might step beyond your thwarts to find yourself
In hand with The Ancient of Days
All have foils must they surpass fore journey on the kenning path

Welcome Theophilous

God is beyond belief!
He is the Simplicity of Faith
And wilder than your imagination
You Do Not Understand
Because without Mystery
There is no Faith

Welcome To the Maestri of God Sword
A Curious View
For a Curious Few
"Through the Ayes of a Mustered Cede"
“Secrets of the Universe”
For the Unaverse
Limned in Tale of Unique Verse
God Sword
Ken Ye

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Out of the Sheaf

God's Word Unsheafed
God Sword Unsheathed
Naked, Whet & Wild
Be Lief

Words, not hyperbole
Words wrought superbly

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Theo Reticule

A Curious View
Of A Curious Hew

Of Hew Would Know Him

Hew New
He came as a Carpenter
To Hew the Block of your Would
Into the Form of His Feat
That you might walk fast to the Last
In the Gate of the King

A Few Would Know Him

Many Would the Broadway Take
Of Hew Would cross the Narrow Gate

Jesus The Carpenter
Form my Would to your Wood

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Seeker Writes Of The Universe

Once Upon A Dreaming
When still a child in my Father’s House
I dreamed upon a time
I wrote a book divine
That contained all the secrets of the universe
Then awhile I slept
And upon awaking when I went to read
I could the script no longer see
All the pages appeared empty to my eyes
For the runes had been writ
In inklings of the universe
That only spirit eyes could see
When I slept it was my spirit eyes that closed
And when I woke it was my earthly eyes
That opened on the world
And left me blind to the divine
Spirit eyes can fully divine
While earthly eyes see only by design
Now in my age of discernment
Again I dream with eyes divine
And wright for thee the book
Inklings of a mustered cede if you so incline
To fully see a great flowering of wisdom
In your mind
To set you Free

That Time Not Warp
The Word was Wrought
In Inklings of the Universe

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

“Who hear not the music think the dancers mad”

The Gift
As we cultivate silence,
We will begin, more frequently, to hear the voice of the Lord.
Silence points us to reality.
It is a rare gift, but to understand it may take us each a lifetime.

“Be still and know that I Am God”
Psalm 23
He leads us away to a Quiet Place to restore the Soul

Faith Grows From The Cede Of Your Will

Silence is a Gift
That like the Ugly Tie of Truth
Many will resist

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Inklings of Divine
You might learn…Some might burn
May they set your faith on fire
The illumination of conscience is my goal

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Is it not amazing!
How many Christians
Are so godlike in their relations
With others
When Humility is The Quest!
Some Ken Not
But Love the Phantom
Of their Own Opera
Would you Be Like God
Must you strive with all Agon
To be less than Him
He came to teach us
Not how to walk upon the water
But how to Sync with Him
In deepest Humility

The Express Way to Glory
Is the Cross Road of Humility

Who exalts himself will be humbled
Who humbles himself will be exalted

To Be Like God
Is least of all
For He Is Only One
To Be Godlike
Is Most of all
For he is number one

Thomas More Buckland