Eye The Dreams of Me

A Perspicacious Perspective
Ancient Nascent The Dreams of Me

Secrets Of The Universe

Once Upon A Dreaming
When still a child in my Father’s House
I dreamed upon a time
I wrote a book divine
That contained all the secrets of the universe
Then awhile I slept
And upon awaking when I went to read
I could the script no longer see
All the pages appeared empty to my eyes
For the runes had been writ
In the inklings of the universe
That only spirit eyes could see
When I slept it was my spirit eyes that closed
And when I woke it was my earthly eyes
That opened on the world
And left me blind to the divine
Spirit eyes can fully divine
While earthly eyes see only by design
Now in my age of discernment
Again I dream with eyes divine
And now I write again for thee the book
Of His Design
Inklings of a mustered cede if you so incline
To fully see a great flowering of wisdom
In your mind
To set you free

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

A Prophet’s See

To see as The Prophet sees
You will need a Mustered Cede
To see God
One must look through a Mustered Cede
To the End of the World
True Love of God
(That you might Ken
The End means "the purpose")
The Proposal of God
True Love Lets the loved one free
Without exception or expectation
That the beloved may choose
True Love Freely in Return

Super Nova grow my thoughts
Upon the Word
My ken is vasting to the unfathomable deeps
Of the Maestri of Who Am
My mind is blowing in the breath of God
My thoughts are flowing in the tears of the Son
My heart is scrying in the Mother’s Song
Reaching to the End of my belong
I AM, speaking in tongues of fire
Soul pierces me with blooded quill
That I must shed
His Light

Aye! The Dreams!
Eye the Dreams

From Whence upon a Time
Now and Then
A Prophet’s See
Ancient Nascence
The Dreams
Of Me

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Indian Dreams

I dreamed upon a time
And they have come to remember me
I wrote a book of illumination
It contained all the secrets of the universe
But when I looked to read
Its runes I could not see
The many pages were empty to my sight
For this book was written
In inklings of divine perception
And not the earthly eye could see

The inklings of divine perception
Wright beyond the eye of man
And can only be read by spirit eyes
Of soul and poetry
And so I see less clearly now
The runes begin to appear

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Be Not Afraid

Another dream remembers me
'I Became the Universe'
I was at a moment
When death would perpetrate me
My only escape was to become the universe
I exploded into billions of stars
And could perceive The All
But what was directly behind me
In any direction I would face
I felt that I was infinity
But could not comprehend
All in the same moment
I could move anywhere
In the twinkling of an eye
And was not afraid

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

My dream speaks!
Of Ego and Letting Go!
Stepping out of centeredness
Into boundless Eternity!

Blink! ….. Again!
Yes! It is truth you see
Hard as a rock between the eyes
If you live against it in your Pride

It is warm and tender invitation
Of Ultimate Humility
To live beyond the bounds of Ego
For all Eternity
This perception comes from music
That songs within my soul
Which I turn into runes of pose
Inklings for those inclined to know

Aye! One of the secrets!
Blink! …..
Thought Explodes!!

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Past Presents Of Future

Yesterday they were foreseeings
Presents of future presents, I did not understand
Today I see them clearly
As past presents of the future
Come to fruition in their time
To stand me in awe
Of the workings of God in His mysterious ways
God gives us mystery
That we might have adventure of discovery
And exuberance of spirit in our lives
Faith is Adventure or tis Nought
To Question or to Quest On
What is the Answer
Be Doughty or Doubty Be

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω