All Men are God's
Though many forsake the apostrophe
For sake o' satin' their Apostasy
All Men are gods

Many will believe in the legend
Of the Big Foot
Yet only of Hew Will
Believe in the Mystery
Of the Big Feat

The Miracle of Eternal Life
Atweel & Iwis Verbum Sap





I cannot Ascertain
I was Loft in Grace
Or lost in space
I do know I was (thinking)
The Peace of Christ
He comes to me
Not in Voice
 In the Color of Poetry
The Word
Silence His
The language of Communion
Its Color is Golden
I Glisten

To reflect a sparkling light
Sparkle; Shine

* * * * * *

Faith is Adventure into Mystery
Or tis Nought

Trilogy of Simplicity

One cannot See The Simple Truth
Who looks for Complex Answers

The Book of “I Say Ya” Verse One
Secrets of the Unaverse

One must simply be
As a Child of Three
To Adventure into
A Curious View
Of A Curious Few
An Simply See
The Mystery of Trinity
As “One True Three”
Of Divinity
Up-Down-All Around
Father, Son and Holy Ghost Abound
Three of Singular Identity
In Singularity of Entity

The Ineffable
Is best expressed in picturesque
The Artic Rhythms of the Color of Poetry
Limn It than Limit
The Word

Up Down All Around
Is God


Tis not that one must succeed
in the World
Tis that one must secede
from the World
Be least of all
To be most in Awe
Tis not "I must succeed"
Tis "I Am must Supersede"


Wright of Passage
The Former

Through The Rite of Passage we Travail
O’er the Beast must we Prevail
‘Fore the Time, Ours, be Curtailed
From Proto to Toto
Conception to Perfection
Some will Fail It, Sum will Nail It
Seek the Chiasm o’er the Chasm
Climb a board and nail it
To make it a Cross

Write of Passage
The Formula


 Perspicacious Perspective

Dig It

“Wives be submissive to your Husbands
Husbands Love your Wives as yourself”

~ Wise be submissive to your Humility
Humility Love your Wise as yourself~

Humility is the Groom of Wisdom
Wisdom is the Bride of Humility
When we look at words of gender
In the Old and the New
They are to engender the spirit
In which they were wrought
To Deify what is being Said
In the Old
Wisdom is ever in the Feminine
In the New
Humility is in the Masculine
If you do not Look in these Eyes
You do not see in their Wise
The Word as Wrought
In the Spirit of Wisdom and Humility
True Love

Ken Ye


The Formula of Love

Quintessential Femininity
Quintessential Masculinity
Quintessential Creativity

In His Unfathomable Wisdom
God conceived Himself a Son
Would Wisdom be other
 Than Mother of God

To be Like God
Is least of All
For He is Only One
Who be godlike
Is most of all
For he is Number One

God is not a Number One
God He is a Wonder One
The Sum of One
Not The One of Some

The Tree of Life
He carried a Cross
From Paradise
To Paradox
And set a crest
The vale o death
To vail us o'
Salvation's Quest

To Carry on Back
The Tree of Life
From Paradox
To Paradise

God's Wisdom is Unfathomable
Only to be exceeded
By His sense of Humor
The Last Laugh
Eternally His

At hiss finessed hour
Pride wast done in
By hiss own Power
For to quench the Son
His will be Done
For the Cost of Ours


Becomes by hard learned lessons
Yet Men forget
And hisstory repeats
As Tradition is Thrown
Perdition is Throned

Willful Stupidity
Is Man’s Most Notorious Success
And his greatest hurdle
To discerning Truth

Political Correctness
Is Two Speak
With One’s Tongue
In Both Cheeks

Dispel the Spell
Resound the Sound
Sound is True
Spell doth Quell 


Seek always the positive view
For Do Realize
The symbol for Positive
Is A Cross
The symbol for Negative
Is A Bar

Attitude o'er Baditude 
Be always looking up
Who understands
Is always looking up
Who overlooks
Is always looking down

Atweel & Iwis Verbum Sap