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Jesus Crucified

Is God’s own image to us

Of what pride does to the soul

And what we must do

If we would pass through

Salvation’s narrow door

The Sacred Offering of Self

Ego is our cross

That we must bear to Calvary

To crucify our pride

And assent to the ultimate humility

Of Whole Being

If you would be like God

You must strive with all your might

To be less than Him

For He Is The Ultimate Humility

Simply Said

The great paradox of Catholic Christianity is that humility is the road to Glory

Walk the road The Least traveled

The loss of diminution is perdition

O Lord

Minish me in all the ways I need to be

Plenish me in all the ways an means of Ye

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Alter Ego

The Altar of God or The Alter of God

Accept or Except


Worships salvation of self

In satyred altering


Worships sacrifice of self

In sacred offering

The Eucharist

Is Jesus’ Sacred Offering of Self

That He might be with us in this life

The Crucifix

Is Jesus’ Sacred Offering of Self

That we might be with Him in the next

Accept or Except

His Gift

Physical Communion as One Flesh With God

Humility is the acknowledgment of Truth

“Unless you eat of my flesh and drink of my blood

You shall not have life within You”

Ken Ye

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Willful stupidity

Is man's most notorious success

And his greatest hurdle

To discernment of Truth

Some will strain gnats yet swallow Camels

Some will disdain the Lamb yet swallow the Buffalo

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Do? You Believe??

All things are possible with God!

Matthew 19:26

The words I have spoken to you are spirit and life

But there are some of you who do not believe…

John 6: 63-64

So; what part of ALL do you not believe?

O ye of great belief but little faith!

The Words of Eternal Life

”This is a hard saying Lord”

. . . . . . John 6:53-67 . . . . . . .

”And many disciples left that day never to return”

“Do you also want to leave?”

Many would worship the show

Than show the worship

Have not puppet ears for pulpiteers

Who cast the “Golden Bull”

Of mob theology

And worship of the god of Rah!

Glory of the world


Your conscience is Your Free Will

Nourish it with discernment

Or relinquish it to your deceptions

Ken Ye!

Ware the "very smiley tude" of the grinning snake

Ere ye be caught up in his rapture


Is the devil's fondest tool

"99 truths that you accept 1 lie"

Phishers of Men

Jesus Cryist

Luke 21:8

Take heed you be not seduced:

for many will come in my name, saying:

I am he and the time is at hand.

Go not therefore after them.

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Make No Mistake About This

God's Word

2 Peter 1:20

Understand this first:

That no prophecy of scripture is made by private interpretation!

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

I thank God for simplicity

For it has given me

The greatest Joy in life

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Golden "Bull"

Ware Ye

Worship not the Golden "Bull"

That flies from the silver tongue of pulpiteers

Professed in the ology of throwing bull

And practiced in the artifice

Of Charlie McCarthy Scriptures

Writ in blots of Rorschach

Be not puppet ears of pulpiteers

For; who can appease a man’s conscience

Can take his freedom from him

Freedom is not free

Life is ever struggle

Or it is nothing at all

Dare the Adventure of God Sword


Many believe in the god of worship

Than the worship of God

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Beware What Lies

Beyond the Candy

"The Evil One, and savior of death… He promises you illumination,

he offers you knowledge, science, philosophy, enlargement of mind.

He scoffs at times gone by; he scoffs at every institution that reveres them.

He prompts you what to say, and then listens to you, and praises you,

and encourages you.

He bids you mount aloft. He shows you how to become as gods.

Then he laughs and jokes with you, and gets intimate with you;

he takes your hand, and gets his fingers between yours, and grasps them,

and then you are his."

~ Bl John Henry Newman

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts

Who could have machinated such an insidious scheme!

Who Done It!


A Lyin' King

Power of Babble

Who through Gates Opened Wide ~

The Web of the World

Who spelled the jargon pile ~

For the way of the web

Who gave daemons and dragons ~

Control of the scheme

Who put the Phishers of Men-

Behind the Sienes

Who put the Byte ~

In the apple of your eye

Who offers a second life ~

In which to play Abettor's Way

Who gave the world ~

The language of One

Who did Inter ~

The world in the net

Who gave us a sanctum ~

To divine simulacrum

Who displaces verity ~

With virtual reality

Who gave us all knowledge ~

For Good and Evil

Who gives us the Dazzle ~

Of Luci in this guise

With Daemons

Once upon a time ~

The angel of light

Now The Accuser


In Hebrew "satan" means “the accuser”

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω


In Shepherds Clothing


Ware the flap of inkhorn buffalo

Tis the wing of crow

Come to raven your mustered cede

And leave droppings of a stalking horse


Be not puppet ears of Pulpiteers

Bad seed yeilds poison weed

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Sleeping Booty

Incubus preachers

Feeding ignis fatuus to the greeing masses

Grasping for consensual truth

Simulacrum, but the ashes of their fire’s light

Their salvation is Manna picked beyond its day

Zeal, without real, is their faith

Spirit of The Angel of Light

Empty Praises

Fire without offering sends no prayer

Worship without prayer is insinuation

To take forgiveness as a given

Is salvation by presumption

Arrogance of pride

Who sleeps with the enemy becomes him

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Many believe in the god of worship

Than the worship of God

Herd of The Word

Jesus is the guise of many a man’s idol this day

Many steal the name of God to use in feign

They bandy it about as a word of tout

Salvation is "My Way" they proclaim

Ersatz patters god spell on the greeing masses

Surrender conscience to consensus of ego

Into obliquity of thought and euphony of ear

Be Happy! No Worries!

You still can sin again another day

But today your salvation is well in hand.

Phishers of Men

The Word of The Horde


Who sleeps with the enemy

Becomes Him

Luke 21:8

Take heed you be not seduced:

for many will come in my name, saying:

I am he and the time is at hand.

Go not therefore after them.

Some will strain gnats yet swallow buffalo

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Will Call

Pavlovian Response

At the moment of Truth

You will have two visions

One will be

Your everlasting desires

One will be

The devastation of your soul

The Choice

Will be

The first thought that comes to your mind

Remedy or Rapture

Will you recognize the difference?

Benediction or Bane Addiction

Ken Ye

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

The Artist

Measures not by the fisherman's tale

But by the wholeness of his seeing

Would you divine his works

Must you see

With spirit eyes of whole being

You must seek his mind

If you would divine

His true design

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

The Enlightening Bug

Jesus never wrote a book

He taught in the oral tradition

Of story, metaphor and allegory

To whet the imagination

That He might penetrate fecundity of thought

Men have put His Saying to paper

Bound them in the interpretations of ego

Between the covers of The Book

Would you know the truth of them

You must flee the bindings

Unfurl the wings of your faith

And seek the mind of God

In the vast of His Universe

That you might Divine His Word

In sacred songing of the heart

His Word Will Be

Your Word

Intuit the true wit

Than imbue it as you wit

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

God In My Pocket

The Bible

Is like a pocket guide to the wilderness

For The Word is much greater than the Book

Just as you cannot experience the glory of all God’s wilderness

By reading about it in a book

You cannot contain infinity in the bindings of Man

God is so far beyond the boundaries of Man

He must be experienced in the fullness of His Awe

The essence of The Word Is far beyond ink on paper

As the Pharisee did find

? Sola Scriptura ?

(As The Pharisee Knew Him)

Is God really that small?

John 1:1

In the beginning was the Word

And the Word was with God

And the Word was God

John 1:14

And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us

Full of grace and truth…

John 21:25

But there are also many other things which Jesus did;

Which if they were written every one,

The world itself would not be able to contain the books

That should be written!

God is wilder than your imagination

The Word is much greater than the Book

The Mustered Cede

Must be planted deep

Into the soul of the Word

That it might grow to become

The mighty tree of Faith

Many have ayes that do not cede

Many have faith in their belief

Yet have no belief in Faith


To TheoThink

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

The Whole Truth

The Holy Scriptures must be read

With the assent of whole being

If one reads with a fractious being

The truth shall not be found

For parts are no more than parts

When the words are fractured

Their truth is also fractured

A partial truth is worse than a bold lie

For it is easier to accept

What “looks” like the truth

Verisimilitude is the devil’s fondest tool!

Amiss is as good as a mile

So very similar to


Is a very smiley tude

Of 'truth' with a wink and a smile

Ware the very smiley tude

Of the grinning snake

Ere ye wear his rapture

Who hears what he wants to hear

His salvation is guaranteed

Sho Nuf

Not as man sees does God see

For man sees the appearance

While God looks into the heart

1 Samuel 16:7

We must develop Theocular vision

We tend to see things, not as they are, but as we are. ~ anon

Truth is Free of your Will

Ken Ye or Yen Ye

Truth simply Is