11. Awe Way Ken


Tales of Truth

God has instilled in me Unique Perspective

From the aspect of the universe

Outside of Ego

That I can only express in poetry and conundrum

To stir adventure and adversity of thought

In one who would know

That he be fierce in pursuit of discernment

And be not prey to easy interpretation of Ego

May you have a graceful day

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

“Life is an adventure

Or it is nothing at all”

Helen Keller

Strive for the quintessential live not the coincidental

What greater adventure can you possibly know

Than the adventure of knowing God

What better lover can you ever know

Than the greatest lover of all

What more incredible life can you know

Than eternity filled with awe


With all your might

For the quintessential nature of Man

Thrive not on the coincidental nature of his sin


Is a spiritual being

We should Live

Not for the sand between our toes

But for the sky we cannot touch

Save with our soul

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Who seeks security

Will find it in his own belief

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

The Word

Truth Speaks One Word

Yet are thousand with the ring

It is hard to find the simple Truth

When one looks for complex answers

I Believe!

Ah! Yes! The god of convenience!!

Artful myth confection of the conspired word of Man

Do not spoof yourself to think

Reality a sham

Truth or Truce, The Choice

What say you I Am

O conscience on the Lam

Many have ayes that do not cede

Who believe in the god of Worship

Than worship of God

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω


The Fugitive

Until you admit this

It will be So!

You, are the greatest deceiver

You will ever know

Truth Simply IS!

You may accept it or except it

But you cannot "make it so"

Truth is free of your will

Deceit is slave of your will

Ken Ye

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

It was humility that drew Excalibur from the stone

Warrior Make It So

This is spiritual warfare in which the battle rages

In the amore of humility must we

Take up the Light Sabre of God Sword

And wield its Divine Light

Make it sing of thorns and roses

It is only with the power of God

That we can achieve His Victory

Steel your fiel

With God Sword at your heel

Make the mettle of God Sword know your soul

To cleave what is fractious from what is whole

Warrior! Make your weapon sow!

May adventure be your faith

And be it filled with awe

Godward Be

Tell it to the Rosary

Spirit of God

O Mary Me!

That I May Issue Your Word

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Who listens to the snake

Lies in the dirt

And learns two speak with hiss tongue

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Man To Man

When man Judas

Kissed man Jesus

Twas not betrothal but betrayal

Of Love by desire

Disorder of Nature

The Kiss of Death

Love rises to perfection

Desire falls to defection

Which would you

Life is the order of nature

When nature is thwarted

Thwarted is nature

Disorder of nature is death

Be careful what you wish for

Choose Life

Accept or Except

Truth is Free of your will

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Sinful Acts

The Choice

God created Man as a Quintessential Being

Not as a coincidental being

Of the consequence of sin

Anything you do

That allows, supports or promotes imperfection

Is a thwart on your kenning path

This day and age as in every age

The battle is perfection vs. imperfection

Good vs. Evil

Would you perpetuate imperfection

Or perfect into perpetuity

Nature is the glove of God’s hand in our lives

Though it has been soiled by the choice of Man

It still can point to truth that should be in our lives.

Man should live

Not by the aberrations of his fallen nature

But by the perfections of his quintessential nature

Would you nurture disease or parasites in your body

If somehow they would give you easy pleasure

For a short while?

Or would you prefer a perfect body without blemish

Of sickness or parasite or pain

That would last forever?

This is the choice God has given us

With His Gift of Free Will

Glorified nature or Horrified nature

Do not use the excuse of fallen nature

That what you do is good

Salvation does not accept the lame excuse

You must struggle to make real

The Quintessential Nature of Man in your life

To accomplish truth

Only then will you rise above

The soiled poverty of mere existence

To the glory of whole being

Live not in the dirt of consequence

You must rise above the base to the beautiful

Rise above your yesterdays for your tomorrows

Who strives for satisfaction will find Pride

Who strives for perfection will find humility

Quintessential means: the perfect embodiment of

Godward Be

Steep in the Deep or muddle in the puddle

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Smile :)

God’s Wisdom is Unfathomable

Only to be exceeded by His sense of humor

If you want to make God laugh

Merely tell Him your plans

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

The Lion of God

Saint Paul was a devout God fearing righteous Jew

Pointed in the wrong direction

Every Christian

Needs to find himself on the road to Damascus

Like Paul the apostle

Humbled by conversion from righteousness to truth

It is not enough to have zeal

Often with zeal comes ego

Humility must be the governor of your zeal

To keep you pointed true

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω


You must rise above your yesters for your morrows

Many minds that will not see

Carve in stone the yester sorrow

Cast their blessings in the sand

Live in sameness ever morrow

Sorrows oft are blessings in disguise

This day which brought by death of yester

Must die to bring the gift of morrows

Count your sorrows in the sand

Carve your blessings into stone

For what does not kill you

Will surely make you strong

One cannot receive a gift lest he accept

A mind is a terrible thing to waste

Be not the slave of yesterdays wrong

Set your mind Free

Two wrongs make not a right

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω


Standard of Purity

Teacher of God

Quiet Man

Rarely does one give

The quiet man of purity his due

He never spoke a word of scripture

But he fostered God

And taught Him how to be a man

When Jesus was but a boy

Speak of humility

Say the Name


Contemplate him new

May you let Joseph foster Jesus in you

O St Joseph

May the purity of our priesthood be yours

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω


Is a way of life

Not a word of mouth

It is easier said than done

One must trek the path

To gain the destination

Jesus is the path

Walk in His Feat

May you live long and prosper in the Lord

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Christians are sinners

In the process of becoming less

Fall of angels

Fall of Man

Pride is a chasm of will

That separates one

From God

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

In the nettles of my life

Discernment Comes

To beg my every word

To song me sooth

Sooth means all that is true

While truth, today, is so wrought and wringed

‘Tis a vary mannied thing

Consensused by fractions of the plan

When only the whole will do

To save the thwarted soul of Man

Truth Speaks One Word

Yet are thousand with the ring

In seeking Truth

Which is the more difficult path

There will wisdom find you

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

O God!

Grant me mettle

To offer me nettle

To Thee!

Mother Mary armor me

I beg of thee

In your own humility

Bloody thorn of Jesus

Enable me to love

Mother Mary

Chalice of Divine

Inebriate me

In your Godwine

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

I Believe

Love is the Sacred Offering of Self

For the benefit of others

Eucharist is the Sacred Offering of Self

That Jesus might join with us in this life

The Crucifixion is the Sacred Offering of Self

That we might join with Him in the next

The Saith:

A picture is worth a thousand words

I look at the crucified Jesus

I see my path

And I contemplate

God gave us this image to burn in our conscience

For all the ages of time, Who He Is

Ultimate Humility

I see the ravages of my sin, stark, against the innocence of God

Jesus is God’s expression of His Being,

In physical form

That man might understand Who He Is

The Sacred Offering of Self for Me

Self is the gift that must be given

Or twill fester and become the sin of pride

The fall of angels

I Believe

Must be said, not as a clamoring of my want

But as the fulfillment of my being

“I Believe” is to be One With Him In Sacred Offering of Self

I must be Humility


The great paradox of Catholic Faith

"The Express Way to Glory is the Cross Road of Humility"

~Sage Word Slinger

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Will you trade 2000+ years of discernment

for "truth" you interpret for yourself?

Self interpretation of the Bible

Worships the false god of self!

Truth is the same for all people

but many will adjust it

for their own peace of mind.

Am I saved? Or only led to believe?

It is wiser to divine the truth

than to design it for yourself.

The wisdom of the world

looks always for truce rather than truth,

anything that will remove the shame.

The wisdom of God

looks always for Truth

To find it you must bear the pain.

Does it feel good now?

Have you freed your conscience from sin?

Then you have probably found truce, not Truth.

And the Old One’s knell begins.

It is better to swallow your pride than swallow the buffalo

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Make No Mistake About This

God's Word

2 Peter 1:20

Understand this first:

That no prophecy of scripture is made by private interpretation!

Truth is hard as a rock between the eyes

If you would know other

Intuit the True Wit

Than imbue it as you wit

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆


Tiger of Salvation

Adventure is not the easy path through life

Faith rides the head of the tiger

It does not tail in the dust

In fear of falling

Or hide on the path to watch

The Tiger of Salvation

Journey On

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

To merely say is not enough

I cannot say that I believeth

Til I’ve crucified my SELF with Jesus

I cannot boast that I am saved

Til I rise up from His grave

I cannot say that I’ve arrived

Til I can look in Jesus eyes

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω


If your faith

Is not the greatest adventure of your life

Perhaps you are merely wandering

The fire that smolders in the hearth

Gives room to darkness



To the adventure of God Sword

Sever the darkness from your light

Warrior for the Lord

Gleam in the armor of your mettle

Wonder in His Glory

Awe filled be your Faith

Adventure be your life

Faith is an adventure or it is nothing at all

To choose “quality of life” over the gift of life

Is to sacrifice the sacred to the god of convenience.


The heightening of illumination

The quickening of spiritual thought

Ken Ye

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Ballad of God Sword

Come in midst of darkling blight

To cleave what is left from what is Right

To sever the darkness from the light

There’s no room to dance on the edge of a sword

There is no gray in The Word of The Lord

Black or White! Gray no way! Come into the light of day

Make the mettle of God Sword Know your soul

To cleave what is fractious From what is whole

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

O God

Armor me in mettle of your finest sword

That I can give to you in sacred offering

My thorn

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Steel your fiel

With God Sword

At your heel

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Oh! the daze of secular christianity!

Where worship is in song and dance

For the feel good of the senses

In days when age was new

Christians were fed to the lions

In days when new is aged

Lines are fed to the Christians

Who listens to the snake lies in the dirt

And learns two speak with hiss tongue

Who listens to the buffalo speak

Will find himself greatly relieved

Ware the very smiley tude of the grinning snake

Ere ye wear his rapture

"To take text out of context to use as proof text

Is pretext"

Ken Ye

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Pearls & Blessings

Everything in life points us to the truth

If only we would open our eyes to see

Pearl your nettles

That you may turn them into beauty of the soul

May you be breathless

In contemplation of your Faith

May you be overwhelmed

By Jesus in your Life

May you know God’s Grace

Foudroyant in your soul

Pearls come from the deeps of water

Thorns turned into beauty

By patient endurance

One must delve long and deep

To divine the purest

To bring a soul to God

I prefer the tack of the horse whisperer

To that of the horse breaker

For the goal is communion

Not conquest

Ken Ye