The Enemy is the Yen o Me

The Eye Pull of My I

Once the Archangel of The Light

Now the Dark Angel of De-Light

Selling You

The Apple of Your Eye

"The Eye Pull of Your I"

I hope this one is not too difficult.

The word “Eisegesis” means; to read into scripture one’s own self;

bias, opinion, belief, ego, pride; etc... as “I” sees

It sounds like "I see Jesus" and looks like "Easy Jesus"

No kidding! Verisimilitude is the arch enemy's fondest and finest tool.

There is no room to dance on the edge of GodSword.

He came to draw the line in the sand

That one cannot walk both sides

Be not “en garde” but open to the point

Touché Taboo Jesu

The greatest “narrows” must one strive through

Is of the Mind

Best be opened than opined


The Word Divine

Cannot be defined

As read black and white

But Divined in Awe

Of the colors of the “Ray In Bow”

Through the tears of the Son

Intuit the true wit

Than imbue as you wit

Look through the Eyes of Jesus

Than through Eisigesis

Eisegesis is; as “I see Jesus”

The “Easy Jesus”

Of self interpretation of the Scriptures

Intuit the read than read into it

For the gist of the twist is by the Divine

Whilst the twist of the gist is by your design

Listen not to what you hear but to what He said


Hear the Music

“Hear!” The Word

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆

Lend me Your Heart

O Sweet Jesus

As I travail the Way of My Cross

Lend me your heart O Lord

That my Love prevail at every accost

Lend me your heart O Lord

That I may Love beyond my Self

Lend me your heart

O God

Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Stubborn Thomas

Who needs ritual and why should I go to church?

Why can't I worship My God My Own Way?

Oh! Ye of great belief but little Faith!

"I did it my way"


Even pagans worship god in "their own way"

What makes me, a "Christian", any different

From those who worship the god of their own way?

There is only One Way

It Is God's Way

If I worship my own way

It is the wrong way

Jesus gifted us His Flesh and Blood

In Holy Eucharist

That Christians might worship God

His Way

The Way of Covenant Ritual

If I do not Ritual

I do not Covenant

The Old Testament and the New

Reveal to those who would know

God is a God of Covenant Ritual

Jesus' passion and death

From the Lasting Supper

Through the Crucifixion

Was the Covenant Ritual of the Passover

With Himself The Sacrifice

Fulfilling the Old in the New

Now the Covenant Ritual

Of Holy Sacrifice

Is The Christ Mass

"The Perpetual Observance"

Where heaven and earth embrace

In the Timeless Grace

Of The Word Made Flesh

His Offering to You

The OathMeal of Covenant


No Uncertain Terms

What He said Ingest

He said not In Jest

Accept or Except

Truth is Free of your Will

Many have ayes that do not cede

Study scripture and you will know this Truth

"Worship without sacrifice is an absurdity of the modern age"

~Mohandus Gandhi

One must sacrifice Belief for the sake of Faith

May the stumbling blocks of your belief

Become the stepping stones of your Faith

~ shapesphere

To be chased to many rabbi than to be chaste to only one

Will lose Awe of His Marvels to the Dun

~ shapesphere

As Tradition is Thrown Perdition is Throned

Truth is verity not variety


To Theo Think

Ken Ye

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Loose Canons

As did the Pharisee

There are those Who Will

To Not See


Jesus never contended

With the religious authority of the Day

It was: Rogue factions of the Day

Contended the Truth

The Word of God in the Flesh

As still this Day

Rogue Factions of Loose Canons

Protest the Word of God

In the Flesh


When the Paper Word

Is Held Above the Word in the Flesh

It becomes a graven image of a false god

The Tower of Bible

Eat the Word of God

Or eat your Own

Salvation is Not, By the Book Alone

Sync with God or Sink without

Best Profess than to Protest


Is the acknowledgement of Truth

Obedience is the Way

Ken Ye

Jesus was not "nailed" to The Book

The Word Became Flesh and rose from the Tome

Thirty Three Years

Before The Word gave us His Flesh and rose from the Tomb

Do not keep Him Entomed

See the Son Rise

From the Manual to Emmanuel

"Beware the Man of One Book"

~St Thomas Aquinas

Loose Canons Sink Worship

As loose cannons sink Warships

∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω ∆ Ω

Que Sera Sera

It Is So

There IS Judgment!

Those who are free of their will

Those who are captive of their will

A Winnowing

Of kernel from chaff

A straining through the straight

Many will not have the Grasp

To Let Go and Let Grow

The Mustered Cede

So It Is

What You Will

Will Be

Lost or Found

Your destiny is what you seek

Best be dying to live eternal life

Than living to die eternal death

Ken Ye