Aye of The Bolder

Weld: to bring into Complete Union

The Last Laugh

At hiss finessed hour
Pride wast done in
By hiss own power
For to quench the Son
His will be Done
For the cost of Ours

The Tree of Life He carried across
From Paradise To paradox
To set a crest the vale o death
To vail us o Salvation's Quest
To Carry on Back a Cross
To Paradise from paradox
And set a crest Valor
's Wrest
The Tree of Life

In the Everlasting Laugh of God

Wooed o the Wood




Who seek answers
They do not want to hear
Will never find them

Not all will fall
In the threshold
Many will fly away
The write of passage
Is not a Right of Passage
The Rite of Passage must ye
One Word in the mouth
Is worth more
Than a thousand In the Book
Do not Miss the Word for the words

Seed need cede
Fore mustard mustered be
Faith does not leap it walks a cross
Be Fast to the Last than first to the finish
For Time is not of the essence
But that ye be wrought to perfection

J6:54 Limn o' The Limen

Ken Ye


Elder Welder


Yen O Me

Apple of My Eye

The enemy is the yen o' me

The eye pull of my I

I must decrease

That aye might increase

So I might no longer Be

Screaming Me Me

But Singing aye aye to Dei

Textured Texter



t Rex

The X of all equation

Sought of every seek

t Rex of all Salvation

Bought His very meat

The yes of our elation

Pon our tongue is very Meet


Text Riddler


All Greek To Me

J6:54 Habeas Corpus

He came Not to be a comedian

He came to be

The Communion Medium

What He Said Ingest

He said Not in jest

The greatest "Gift of Tongues"

One can receive in His Life

Is "Thanksgiving"

Let it be all Greek to Ye

Weld One



Aye Oui See

The Kyrie's View

Rex Calibre is drawn

From the pages of the tome

Only by whom

Receive the keys of the groom

Seek Sophia's Pearls

The Aye of the Poetry Geist


Ye maun deign from extreme mundane to extramundane

To Aye Oui Si

The Superlative Three

Ken Ye

Weld One