Needle's Touche

Three Keys to the Groom of Wisdom

To you I Am has given

Blossom them from their mustard seed

To the Awe Sum Ken

Of your Mustered Cede

In full light of the phonics to be

Look up the word Etymology

Gather the Etymos to reap the Uttermost

Equanimity Magnanimity Longanimity

In Imity to Be


Needle's Touche

To say the Least


Is the Bard’s Eye View

Of Reality

Touche the Most


Is the Song of the Soul O Man

The Limning of the Rainbow

Through the Prism of the Soul

The Esemplastic Gift

Of One To Know

Be not forsakin’

The Cite of your Ayes

For sake o’ Satin’

The sight of your I’s

The Enemy is the Yen o Me

The Eye Pull of my I

Than be doubty o the Day

Be ye Doughty o The Dei

Live for the Free Sons

Of Eternity

Than Die for the frissons

Of the Term of Ye

Yes! Faith is Free for All

Yet, Faith is Not a free-for-all

Order of Ardor is Its Creed

To Quest On than to Question

The Mystery

Nay the broken lines of the dark prints

But yea the Clue of the Light Page

Will see ye True the Pass Age

To the Fathom o the Path Home

To the King

At times my words might seem

Somewhat disjointed

Yet In time they Sum Up

To leave one not disappointed


For Meditation Contemplation Edification

Silence is the Language of Communion


Calm be your Mantra

Still be your Thought

Quiet be your Mana

Sooth be your Sought

Breathe Out to Breathe In

Exhale to Inhale

Breathe Out the Err

Breathe In the Heir

Marshal your Art

Muster your Cede

Order your Ardor

To Obey One Be

Unconditional SureRender

Assent to Whole Being

Emulate to Emanate

In Persona Christi


The Sage Word Slinger

Seek never the “Cloud of Unknowing”

Seek ever the “Uncloud of One Knowing”


Step Beyond or Stop Before

Meta Know Ya

Return of the Limen Law

Limen Law

Rite of Passage

In the winnowing of the Limen

The Eunuch will be sieved from the Unique

There Is No “Right” of Passage

Cut Off or Cut Of

Theo Paternity

Your Destiny

Is what you Seek

Time is a Perception of Hours

Of the Terminal

We Pass Age through

To the Eternal

That we Choose

To Be One or Wont to Be

In True Love Eternally

As the Sands of Time Ends

The Sans of Time Begins

Ken Ye

The End is The Point of The Beginning

Between the Journey of Winnowing

Not All will Fall Many will Fly

The Limen for The Stall

Sync Deeply


Fathom the Path Home

Be Abba’s or Be Abyss

Seek the Chiasm over the Chasm


Thoughts of the Dei

Yes, Your point of view May “Turn Around” the Truth

Yet, Truth does not “Turn” around your point of view

As the Sun does not Turn around the Earth

Seek to Squarely View What is Clearly True

Than to Squirrely View What is Truly Skew

God is All Good Not all good is God

God made All Things Good Man made all things God

Beware what lies Be, Yond the candy

The Enemy is the Yen o Me The eye pull of my I

Nay the lines nor the tweens But yond be the Means

O the fathom o the Path Home to the King

There’re those who’d Keep ye conquered In pacific ways

Then there’re those who’d keep ye stirred To evil daze

Give Peace your Chants

Your chants will give you Peace

Peace is not merely The absence of warships

Peace is Really The Abba’s Sense of Worship

Peace is the Freedom to be Free

To choose Right over rights And Law over legal

Order over Ardor

Not to read the New Wants Of The Day

But True Read the Nuance Of the Dei

If I offend thee Pluck it out

Best be reft your I than bereft I AM

If you stick your finger in your I

Do not point at me and Cry

These words are not Mint to Single Any

Yet are Meant to Signal Many


Seek the Masse's Blow

Pon the mettle of your soul

That ye be Steel than bestial

Steel your soul gin the steal of your soul


Look Up the word etymology

In full light of the phonics to be

Gather the etymos to reap the uttermost

Ken Ye



Rest The Word upon your tongue

Than wrest your tongue upon The Word

What Jesus said ingest

Jesus did not say in jest

He came Not to be a Comedian

He came to Be The Communion Medium

Savor The Savior

Taste and See the Godness of Word


Be devoured Of the Word

Be not devoured By the Word


Look with vision than with sight

To see wisdom as the poet might

See the Dei Light

A Dei tripper Be

Get high on the Son Beams

For Eternity


~shapesphere...aka..Thomas More Buckland ... The Sage Word Slinger